Upcoming Programs

  • At Kunzang Palchen Ling, on the new moon of each lunar month, we perform a session of Medicine Buddha sadhana. Medicine Buddha is the manifestation of the healing energy of all enlightened beings, which protects sentient beings from physical and [...]
  • Instructor Naomi Schmidt. Naomi is a senior student with extensive experience in teaching meditation. She will offer shamatha (tranquility) meditation instruction and will lead a meditation session. This is a wonderful opportunity to get started [...]
  • Introductory talk by Lama Jim Dowiat. Lama Jim will discuss the practice of generosity, the first paramita (perfection) in Mahayana Buddhism. Donation: $20 Lunch is available for an additional $10.00 per [...]

Upcoming Classes

  • Taught by Michael Harris Cost: no charge This class meets the first and third Thursday of the month at 7pm: NEXT CLASS OCTOBER 5 (Class will not meet on 10/19) The KPL Study Group offers an opportunity to learn, share, support each other in our [...]
  • Taught by Chime Chodon. Cost: $20 per class (sliding scale applies) This class meets every Wednesday. A beginner friendly class! Those with any amount of background, or interest, in Tibetan language study are welcome. For inquiries about this class [...]

Teaching Excerpts

  • We’re concerned here with practicing the dharma that comes from the lineage of Terchen Barway Dorje. The basis of this is to see our root guru, the present 3rd Barway Dorje, as Guru Rinpoche himself. This is valid because he is an emanation of [...]
  • We don’t really understand the result of karma, the process of karma. We don’t really understand what the karmic causes of things are, or how it is that actions lead to their infallible results. The Buddha said, “Only an omniscient buddha can [...]
  • Meditation on the guru, the practice of guru yoga, is really the key to the successful and authentic practice of all dharma. Most especially in the uncommon and supreme path of dzokchen, it is the very essence and the genuine means of attainment. In [...]