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Finish Line for KPL Construction!!

Donation Gifts for the Construction Fund This is an exciting time for Kunzang Palchen Ling! It is Bardor Tulku Rinpoche’s aspiration to see KPL’s construction [...]

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    The most common analogy for buddha nature is that it is like the innate potential a seed has to grow into or produce its particular fruit. In the same way as a particular seed has the innate or natural ability under the right circumstances to become or produce its particular fruit, each and every [...]
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    A key point to understand […] is that your root guru and Guru Rinpoche are responsive to prayer. Do not think that you are praying as a mental exercise with the sole purpose of cultivating devotion. You are also actually talking to them; they are actually listening. Guru Rinpoche said, “For [...]
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    The process of moving from a deluded mind to the state of dharmakaya is not a process of replacing the one with the other. It is not exchanging one thing for another. It is simply causing the mind to see itself as it always was. In fact, all of the functions of mind are always the trikaya. The [...]