Upcoming Programs

  • chenrezik1000arm
    Call if you wish to participate. Practice starts at 5am each day. March 3, only lunch is taken, but liquids are allowed all day. March 4, is a complete fast without food or drink. March 5, the nyungne ends in the [...]
  • naomischmidt
    Instructor: Naomi Schmidt Naomi is a senior student with extensive experience in teaching meditation. She will offer shamatha (tranquility) meditation instruction and will lead a meditation session. This is a wonderful opportunity to get started [...]
  • jimkukula
    Talk by Lama Jim Kukula. Donation: $20 1. All compounded things are impermanent 2. All defiled phenomena are painful. 3. All phenomena are empty. 4. Nirvana is peace. These four short stanzas describe the apparent nature of our experience, its true [...]

Teaching Excerpts

  • Lama Tratop-featured image
    We are not attempting to change the nature of appearances from impure to pure. Appearances of themselves have always been pure. We have always been Samantabhadra; we have always been White Tara. We’re not trying to become White Tara. We’re trying to recognize that we already are White Tara. We [...]
  • btr-featured image
    While a thought is present, look directly at it. See its nature. It is “thoughts” that have cast us into, and keep us in, samsara. But it is through the recognition of the nature of thoughts that we achieve nirvana. We always have a choice. We can follow thought, be overpowered by it, swept [...]
  • Lama Tratop-featured image
    It’s much easier to be reborn in Sukhavati than in any other pure realm. This is because of Buddha Amitabha’s special aspiration that it be so. The fundamental cause of rebirth in Sukhavati is to have unchanging and irreversible faith in the Buddha Amitabha. The particular causes that are [...]