Upcoming Programs

  • Kunzang Palchen Ling is a nonsectarian Buddhist center that draws from the rich tradition of the treasure lineage of Terchen Barway Dorje
    This practice is held on the 10th lunar day. It is an extended version of the feast (tsok) sadhana of Guru Rinpoche from the terma of Terchen Barway Dorje. The tsok is primarily a practice of offering, but is also a very powerful method for [...]
  • On the full moon of each lunar month, we perform a session of the Amitabha sadhana. Amitabha, also known as the Buddha of Boundless Light, is particularly associated with longevity and the accumulation of merit. Amitabha is the principal buddha of [...]
  • Pre-Losar Yamantaka Puja: Yamantaka will be done for 7 days in preparation for Losar. Yamantaka is a wrathful expression of Manjushri. His name means “Conqueror of Death.” This practice retreat is performed ahead of losar (Tibetan New Year) at [...]
  • A Fire Puja will be done as a pre-Losar purification [...]

Upcoming Classes

  • Taught by Michael Harris Cost: no charge This class meets at KPL from 7-8:30 pm on the first and third Tuesdays of the month. The KPL Study Group offers an opportunity to learn, share, support each other in our practice, and strengthen our [...]
  • Taught by Chime Chodon. Cost: $20 per class (sliding scale applies) This class meets every Wednesday. A beginner friendly class! Those with any amount of background, or interest, in Tibetan language study are welcome. For inquiries about this class [...]

Teaching Excerpts

  • To be able to understand every single word of every single Dharma teaching we receive would be wonderful, but we should not hold ourselves hostage to that ambition. The most important thing when listening to teachings, especially teachings like [...]
  • We all have kleshas, and because we have them we suffer. Kleshas are misery. When we are in the grips of any klesha we cannot be happy; happiness and kleshas are mutually exclusive. By conquering, transforming, recognizing the true nature of [...]
  • When we think about devotion, we tend to think of it as something we demonstrate externally. But devotion has nothing to do with external demonstrations of respect. Devotion is not kowtowing; it is not the superficial observation of politeness [...]