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Happy New Year!

In this year of the Monkey, the resourceful bodhisattva; And the blazing Fire of the wise rakshasi — The year of the progenitor of all Tibetans — May all be [...]

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    Chenrezig is compassionate emptiness. Chenrezig is not a flesh and blood person who has to sit there for eternity and who has to hold his two arms up. He is the affect of the realization of emptiness. The affect of the realization of emptiness is [...]
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    Our basic nature—our basic being—is absolutely perfect. It is identical to the basic being or basic nature of buddhas. No distinction whatsoever can be made between the buddha nature of a sentient being and the buddha nature of a buddha. It is [...]
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    There is only one reason to receive authentic vajrayana empowerment, and that is that you care so much about other beings that you are in a hurry to achieve buddhahood for their benefit. Sometimes people think that vajrayana is intended for those [...]