Treasury of Eloquence by Terchen Barway Dorje

Treasury of Eloquence by Terchen Barway Dorje, Book


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Translated by Yeshe Gyamtso

Treasury of Eloquence is a collection of songs and instructions by the great treasure-revealer and visionary, Terchen Barway Dorje (1836-1918).

Included in this collection are songs expressing Barway Dorje’s devotion to his gurus, songs explaining how to meditate on the mind’s nature, and songs of advice on the practice of Buddhism in general.

In all his songs, Barway Dorje appeals equally to our hearts and heads. He touches us—with his humility, his devotion, and his concern for others—while instructing and advising us with his wisdom and eloquence.

Paperback, KTD Publications (2007), 328 pages


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