A Teaching on the Tashi Prayer by Bardor Tulku Rinpoche, Booklet


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The Tashi Prayer is a short text written by Khenchen Mipham (1846-1912), a major figure in 19th Century Tibetan Buddhism. The prayer is a condensation of the much longer Sutra of the Words of Auspiciousness, which was taught by Shakyamuni Buddha. The purpose of the prayer is to pay homage to and supplicate four kinds of awakened beings (buddhas, male bodhisattvas, female bodhisattvas, and protectors) so as to receive their blessings for both spiritual and worldly success. This in-depth teaching by Bardor Rinpoche, which is based on Mipham’s own commentary to the prayer, will provide a very helpful explanation for those who do the Tashi Prayer, as well as an authentic glimpse into the role of prayer in Tibetan Buddhist practice.

Booklet, 32 pages (the price includes the Tashi Prayer liturgy as a Tibetn style pecha)


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