Teaching Excerpts

Whatever You Give is Truly Yours

Because of the practice of imaginary offerings we tend to be a little skimpy on the practice of actual offerings. For example, if you can afford to make more offerings, you [...]

Everything is Amrita

What is the nature of amrita? What is really meant by amrita? This is the key point: it’s not just that some things that exist, such as the five meats and five nectars, and [...]

Kleshas Are Fake

We all have kleshas, and because we have them we suffer. Kleshas are misery. When we are in the grips of any klesha we cannot be happy; happiness and kleshas are mutually [...]

Devotion is All About Love

When we think about devotion, we tend to think of it as something we demonstrate externally. But devotion has nothing to do with external demonstrations of respect. Devotion [...]

Reject Selfishness

We don’t really understand the result of karma, the process of karma. We don’t really understand what the karmic causes of things are, or how it is that actions lead to [...]

Meditation on the Guru is the Key

Meditation on the guru, the practice of guru yoga, is really the key to the successful and authentic practice of all dharma. Most especially in the uncommon and supreme path [...]
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