Teaching Excerpts

Reject Selfishness

We don’t really understand the result of karma, the process of karma. We don’t really understand what the karmic causes of things are, or how it is that actions lead to [...]

Meditation on the Guru is the Key

Meditation on the guru, the practice of guru yoga, is really the key to the successful and authentic practice of all dharma. Most especially in the uncommon and supreme path [...]

Pure Appearances

We are not attempting to change the nature of appearances from impure to pure. Appearances of themselves have always been pure. We have always been Samantabhadra; we have [...]

Faith Comes From Personal Experience

When we listen to the dharma it is not enough that it pleases us. It is not enough that we enjoy the experience that on a social level it is gratifying. We feel comfortable. [...]

Why Practice the Generation Stage?

Why practice the generation stage? […] Why do we do it? What does it do? Why do we need it? Do we need it? We need the practice of the generation stage because we have [...]

The Mind is Everywhere

What we are attempting to do in the practice of meditation is search for and discover our mind. So as explained here in our text [Secret Path of Unity by Sonam Zangpo], we [...]
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